Art Prints for Home Décor – All You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to liven up your home, look no further than art prints. Whether abstract designs, photographs, or classic artwork, art prints can bring a unique style and personality to your walls that will last for years.

Choose Your Wall Space for Art Prints.

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Wall Space

Before creating your gallery wall, you must determine the available wall space and identify the focal point wall. Depending on the layout of your home, the focal point may be an easy pick or require some creativity in order to find a suitable spot. You want to ensure that your art prints are easily visible from any angle and will be well-lit when needed. After you have chosen the space for your gallery wall, it’s time to begin selecting art prints!

Select Your Art Prints.

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Select Art Prints

As you start selecting your art prints, consider the aesthetic and style of your home décor. For example, a modern home would benefit from bold colors, minimalist designs, and unique abstract pieces. Whatever theme or style you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up with different media pieces such as framed photographs, canvases, and posters. You want to make sure that each piece is specially chosen and contributes to the overall look of the gallery wall.

One way to select art prints for your home is to compose a mood board. This type of collage will help you determine the art pieces that best match the tone of the room and the color palette within it. While selecting art prints, remember they should express your personality while complementing the design within your space. It’s easy to gravitate towards classic artwork, but don’t forget to choose pieces that are unique to you and reflect something unique about your tastes and interests.

Consider the Color Scheme of Your Home.

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Color Scheme

Color is an essential factor to consider when choosing the prints for your gallery wall. Start by identifying the primary colors in your home décor and then choose art that incorporates those hues. For a more cohesive look, you can choose prints that share a common thread of color, such as shades of blue or different variations of yellow. Identifying and coordinating the colors in each print will ensure a harmonized result.

Determine the Size and Arrangement of Each Piece.

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Art Prints

Planning each piece’s exact arrangement and size makes the whole process much more manageable. Consider how many frames you want to use and the size of each frame so you can plan the size of prints necessary to fill the space. You may also want to cut out paper in approximate sizes for each frame and temporarily tape it on the wall to give you a better visual before committing to any purchases.

Hang with Even Spacing.

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Even Spacing between Arts

Ensure all the frames are hung and spaced out evenly to give your gallery wall a professional look. A good rule of thumb is to keep approximately one to three inches between each frame when hanging. Use a level before every piece while hanging it up for extra precision and accuracy. This way, all the prints will sit perfectly in line with each other!

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