Introducing our set of Ganpati-Om Posters, a collection of beautifully designed and high-quality prints featuring Lord Ganesha. This set includes four unique posters that showcase different aspects of Ganpati’s character and symbolism, making it a perfect addition to any Hindu household or cultural space.

The first poster depicts Lord Ganesha in his iconic pose, sitting on a lotus flower, and holding his favorite sweet, the Modak. The second poster shows Lord Ganesha’s role as the “Vighnaharta,” the remover of obstacles, as he rides on his vehicle, the mouse. The third poster portrays Lord Ganesha’s playful side as he is depicted playing various musical instruments. Lastly, the fourth poster showcases Lord Ganesha’s divine blessings and attributes, surrounded by his symbolic elements such as the lotus flower and the Om symbol.

Curated by Lagoree Arts Each poster in the set is printed on high-quality paper using vibrant and durable inks to ensure longevity and preservation of the artwork’s integrity. These posters are perfect for decorating your prayer room, meditation area, or any space where you want to create a calming and spiritual atmosphere.

Overall, our set of Ganpati posters is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to decorate their space with beautifully designed and meaningful Hindu artwork. Whether you’re a devout Hindu or someone looking to add a touch of cultural flair to your home, these posters are sure to impress and inspire.


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