Quick Guide on Hanging a Wall Poster Properly

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Have you ever wanted to make a statement with a wall poster but needed to know where to start? Wall posters can brighten up any room and be used as an artistic expression of your style, but first, you need to know how to hang them. This guide contains easy-to-follow steps for proper wall poster installation.

Choose the appropriate mount type depending on the Wall poster material.

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Poster Mount Type

When it comes to hanging wall posters, suitable mounts are essential. Different materials and textures require different mounting tools to ensure secure and successful installations. For light materials like paper posters, you can use self-adhesive tape that easily adheres and won’t damage your walls. If you’re hanging heavy fabric or canvas posters, clips are recommended for a more secure and sturdy mount.

Select a secure spot that can hold the weight of your poster.

You’ll want to hang your poster in a secure spot that can support its weight. Look for wall studs or home anchors and measure the distance of the poster to find the best place for installation. If you need help deciding what to use, consider buying a wall mount designed to hang posters. This is especially important for hanging large-scale pieces, as they require heavy-duty mounts.

Measure and mark two points above wall poster where you want to hang your poster.

Please measure the width of your poster and mark two points on the wall above where you want to hang it. These marks will tell you how far apart the hooks or nails must be for a perfect fit. When marking, remember to double check your measurements before you hammer into the wall. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Drill holes and insert suspended mounting or wall anchors to hang your poster securely. 

Depending on your wall material and the weight of the poster, you may need to drill a hole and insert an appropriate-sized nail or screw. Sometimes wall anchors are necessary for heavier posters or plaster walls. This is an excellent time to use suspended mounting; this allows you to hang your poster without putting unnecessary stress on it.

Hang your poster using nails or picture hangers, making sure to adjust its level as you go.

Nails or picture hangers are both common choices for hanging posters. When using nails, start making a light pencil mark on the wall where you want to hang your poster. Make sure it is level before hammering in the nail. If using picture hangers, attach them to the top corners of your poster, then hang them up on the wall and ensure they are still level before pushing in the hook. Adjust as needed until satisfied with its placement.

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